I am REAL Okie. Growing up I attended Tony Goetz, A.R. and MHS. I then left and attended Southwestern Assemblies of God University where I earned my Bachelors in Counseling Psychology and Pastoral Ministries. I also earned a Masters in Theology from Southwestern. During this time I discovered my love for education. I was teaching special education classes South Dallas when I earned my Masters in Special Education from the University of North Texas. During my time in Dallas I also taught in a Charter School. I earned my Ph.D. in Educational Administration from Capella University. After earning my Ph.D. I came back to Oklahoma where I worked one year in Oklahoma City. I have been in charge of several summer school programs for struggling students and set up research programs to help struggling students in schools.  
I am very excited to be at Grant Foreman this year. This year we are focusing on raising the expectations and achievement of all students. This is the beginning of many good things to come that we are all very excited about. If you are interested in partnering with us please contact me and we will be glad to have you. We are starting our planning processes for activities for next year. If you are able to help coach or mentor a club or team please let me know and we will begin the process.
Grant Foreman's Core Beliefs:
WE BELIEVE student learning is facilitated when it takes place in a safe and nurturing environment where students are engaged, supported, and valued.
WE BELIEVEexplicit instruction used in conjunction with teacher modeling provides necessary scaffolding for student learning and ultimately student independence.
WE BELIEVE high expectations for students and staff lead to improved classroom performance.
WE BELIEVE differentiated (varied) instructional practices, including extended day learning opportunities, must be provided to ensure student academic success.
WE BELIEVE on-going professional development is critical to school improvement.
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